A novel is only as rich and vibrant as those individuals that make up the story! Get to know the main characters that tell the tale of “And the Walls Came Tumbling Down: The Secret Life of Senator Jack”

Joe Baker Icon

Joe Baker

Joe Baker is a tortured spirit, torn between truth and deception, self-awareness and self-deprivation…and many wrong choices...

Jack Baker Icon

Jack Baker

Jack Baker is the mirror image of Joe and can only be described as his brother’s ‘better half.’ He is a person of deep conviction and lucid compassion.

Suzanne Montgomery Icon

Suzanne Montgomery

Suzanne Montgomery, glamorous, gorgeous and rich. Her larger-than-life, Hollywood looks, mask the vulnerable woman still desperate for love.

Nicola Patricks Icon

Nicola Patricks

Nicola Patricks while enormously seductive, her intelligence, decency and achievements are her pride. She is now thrust into a web of lust, love and deceit.

Dirk Patterson

Dirk Patterson

Dirk Patterson is amongst the upper class African-American elite. Yet he is intricately connected to two brothers from the ‘other side of the tracks’

Detective Ridder Jones

Detective Ridder Jones

Detective Ridder Jones smells blood and goes for the jugular. The case of the high-powered Senator is no exception.